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Welcome to Sunrise Children's Village

Sunrise village is a registered non profitable social service organization, established in 2006 by Schoenstatt Fathers, working through Sunrise Charitable Society in Trinelveli, with the sole objective of facilitating the quality of life of the abandoned and neglected children that they are able to face the world through proper education in a healthy family environment. Every child should have the possibility to experience love and affection.

Therefore the children here live in the small houses as one family under the loving care of a mother. Children are the gift of God. They are born to live a meaningful life. We the Schoenstatt Fathers have established this sunrise village with a special focus on neglected and abandoned children. It is our concern to care for these little ones with parental love and care. It is the home for the children, where they are provided with their basic needs, food and shelter and also with solid education.

 Children, who are living in our home, are from various towns, district and villages, belonging to different caste, creed & language. The children are provided education in both English and Tamil medium schools. Based on their talents and interests they are trained in various forms of arts and crafts.

Latest News & Events

Ongoing project- Sunrise Nursery and Primary School

With the vision of “Forming a new man in the new community through holistic education and family environment” Schoenstatt Fathers started a school “Sunrise Nursery and Primary School” in 2011 to provide proper education to the inmates of sunrise village. The main objective of this school is to educate our own sunrise village children who are very poor and abandoned in the society, as well as the children from the neighbouring locality.

At present the school is housed in well maintained premises with spacious class rooms, well maintained library, and very good attractive play ground for the kids along with the garden. We have enough facilities to provide for the children to grow more in physical, mental, moral and cultural level through systematic co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Our Vision

Forming a new man in the new community through holistic education and...
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Our Mission

Giving Life, Hope, and Future to the orphaned and abandoned in fullness...
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Our Activities

  • Education for all
  • Health care and medical check ups
  • Tutorial classes for all
  • Family celebrations at every house
  • Skills training for all the children
  • Counselling services
  • Talents show
  • Motivational sessions
  • Parenting skills program for mothers
  • Educational tours